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Digital Evidence cabinet (DEC)


Digital Evidence cabinet (DEC)

 DEC concept is constructed to duplicate the handling and storage process of physical evidence

 Digital evidence handling and preservation are one stage of digital forensic process. This part is very crucial because digital evidence is the basis of digital forensic process. The credibility of digital evidence must be maintained for law and court process. Process of preservation of digital evidence known as chain of custody (CoC). CoC is a document that used to ensure that digital evidence remains and does not change. Both during the investigation process until the completion of the forensic process. Electronic evidence documentation is different from digital evidence documentation.

 The different are character and the metadata. Some adjustments need  to  be accommodated  on  system  for  digital evidence. Digital evidence is easy to change as well as its CoC document. It needs to be protected. A new technology is  needed that  can ensure  integrity  of  digital evidence  and  CoC

 Digital evidence should be stored properly in a secured system, and the access to it must be through a procedure, we deliver the following through our smart Cabinet Vendor: 

  • RFID Content Surveillance
  • USB Charging and Content Surveillance
  • Network software License
  • Access card authentication
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