Secure DevOps ( DevSecOps )


Secure DevOps ( DevSecOps )

 DevOps security refers to the discipline and practice of safeguarding the entire DevOps environment through strategies, policies, processes, and technology. DevOps security should enable a productive DevOps ecosystem, while helping to identify and remediate code vulnerabilities and operational weaknesses long before they become an issue. 

 Securenass delivers application security solutions and services to protect the software that drives today’s enterprises. With a unified platform for assessing and improving application security from inception through production, Securenass enables organizations to innovate with confidence as they build, buy and assemble web and mobile applications.

 Securenass offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for integrating security and DevOps. Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis testing tools let developers quickly and easily identify and remediate application security flaws such as a cross-site scripting vulnerability throughout the SDLC.

 Securenass Web Application Scanning offers a unified solution for finding and inventorying web applications, helping to simplify compliance with regulatory frameworks. Securenass Application Security Testing provides a scalable program for managing third-party software risks. Securenass also offers Developer Training, Web Application Perimeter Monitoring, Runtime Protection and Software Composition Analysis, providing developers with all the tools they need to successfully manage security in DevOps.

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Securenass is a specialized cyber Security solutions, Services and Digital Forensics Provider.

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