Remote Access Management


Remote Access Management

 Enforce a policy of least privilege by giving users just the right level of access needed for their roles with individual accountability for shared accounts. Define what endpoints users can access, schedule when they can access them, and whitelist / blacklist applications for a comprehensive approach to privileged access. Control and monitor sessions via a secure agent or using standard protocols for RDP, VNC, Web, and SSH connections.

 Set authorization and notification preferences to be alerted when a user is accessing Privileged Remote Access. Administrators can use their mobile devices to approve requests and monitor access usage from anywhere.

Productive Security

 Drive rapid adoption with a security solution that lets users do their jobs faster and easier than they do today and can be deployed in just a few days. By automating processes with features like credential injection and integrations with SIEM and change management solutions, your technicians can increase productivity and security at the same time.

Transfer files within the session, using the thick client or browser based console.


Consolidated Access Pathways

 Administrators and IT teams can consolidate the tracking, approval, and auditing of privileged accounts in one place.

 Require all connections to be brokered through a single access pathway, reducing the attack surface while providing a single list of authorized endpoints available for each user.

 End user experience will also improve as all endpoints are accessed in single interface.

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