Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

 Without even knowing it, you are probably using PKI technologies on a daily basis. PKI solutions and certificates are used in everything from biometric passports to internet banking, smartphones and tablets. You can find our solutions in software distribution and authentication, online identity providers, under the hood of modern cars, Internet of Things (IoT) and more. Public Key Infrastructures are about building frameworks for issuing trusted digital identities to users, servers and things. Continue reading to learn more about PKI and our PKI solutions.

PKI is about building a framework

 What is PKI? Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is about building a framework for issuing trusted digital identities to parties, such as users, servers or things. The PKI framework is governed by a set of policies and procedures which define the level of security that should be achieved.

 PKI typically includes a combination of software and hardware components that together implement functions for Certificate Authorities, Registration Authorities and Validation Authorities that are responsible for issuing and lifecycle manage trusted identities for the users, servers and things. The trusted identities are implemented as certificates and they are the foundation for many security services that implement authentication, non-repudiation and confidentiality.

About PKI certificates and digital certificates

 A PKI certificate is a digitally signed document that is similar to a physical identity card or a passport used in the analog world. The PKI certificate, or digital certificate, is a trusted digital identity used to provide and prove the identity of a user, server or a thing when communicating over untrusted networks.

 A key concept behind this is the use of private and public key encryption, where the public key is stored in the certificate along with information about the owner and some administrative data. The certificate is signed by the issuing CA and the signature is attached in the certificate. The X.509 standard defines the most commonly used formats for digital certificates.

Our IT security solutions for your use case

  • ePassport PKI Solution

 All the PKI and digital signature components needed to produce and handle ePassports securely.


  • Code Signing Solution

 It’s easy to keep track of private keys and certificates using PrimeKey Code Signing Appliance – our central solution for all your code signing needs.


  • Certificate Life Cycle Solution

 Run business critical, round-the-clock PKI – without downtime. A scalable PKI able to grow with your business.


  • Smart Meter Security

 Providing the secure foundation needed to unlock the potential of smart meter technology.

  • IoT and IIoT

 A Secure Foundation for the Internet of Things based on Public Key Infrastructure

  • Secure supply chains

 The digital identities enable secure communication and updates. Business data generated by a solution can be trusted and updates can be performed in a reliable manner.

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