Threat Intelligence Feeds


Threat Intelligence Feeds

Threat intelligence feeds are continuous data streams filled with threat information collected by artificial intelligence. These feeds provide information on cybersecurity threats and trends in real-time, enabling organizations to proactively defend against attacks. Security teams can also use this information to better understand potential hackers' tactics, techniques, and procedures and improve their security posture accordingly. Integrating these feeds into a security platform also makes it possible to leverage threat intelligence and turn it into actionable insights.

Because the threat landscape is constantly changing and growing increasingly complex, security analysts need the real-time actionable intelligence that comes from a threat intelligence feed if they want to stay one step ahead of bad actors. Basic security measures simply aren’t enough.

Staying informed on the current state of cyber threats via threat intelligence also provides teams with timely and accurate data, reduces time spent on data collecting, and allows for proactive threat mitigation.

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