Secure Enterprise File Sharing


SECURE Entrprise file sharing

Your sensitive information is safe within the confines of your enterprise systems. But once a file is downloaded from an ECM or ERP system and shared via email or EFSS, you’ve lost control. And even though DLP will ‘detect’ a sensitive file, it doesn’t do anything to secure files that needs to be shared to conduct business.

 Want to easily extend the security of your existing systems and automatically attach granular usage controls to files as they are shared, downloaded, and detected?

Information Rights Management’s robust library of pre-built connectors for ECM, EFSS, CASB, ERP and DLP systems.

File Servers and Enterprise Content Management systems ensure security and access control when documents are within the platform. However, as soon documents are downloaded, exported, or moved, from the system, the security is lost.


benefits of the solution

With our solution integration with storage and collaboration systems, documents are automatically protected with security controls when placed in the network folder location or when downloaded or exported from the system and remain protected and trackable wherever they travel. No user intervention is required. Automatically attaching the security to downloaded documents ensures the governance of security policies is consistent across the organization. Our Solution Policy Federation capability, allows security permissions can be modified in the collaboration system and reflected in real-time on documents, regardless of where they reside. And the ability to track and audit who accessed the document and activities performed provides visibility on all authorized and unauthorized attempts on the document.

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