Static Application Security Testing Analysis (SAST)


Security Testing (SAST)

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is a frequently used Application Security (AppSec) tool, which scans an application’s source, binary, or byte code. A white-box testing tool, it identifies the root cause of vulnerabilities and helps remediate the underlying security flaws. SAST solutions analyze an application from the “inside out” and do not reed a running system to perform a scan. SAST reduces security risks in applications by providing immediate feedback to developers on issues introduced into code during development. It helps educate developers about security while they work, providing them with real-time access to recommendations and line-of-code navigation, which allows for faster vulnerability discovery and collaborative auditing. This enables developers to create more code that is less vulnerable to compromise, which leads to a more secure application. SAST tools, however, are not capable of identifying vulnerabilities outside the code. For example, vulnerabilities found in a third-party API would not be detected by SAST and would require Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) SAST is an essential step in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) because it identifies critical vulnerabilities in an application before it’s deployed to the public, while they’re the least expensive to remediate. It’s in this stage of static code analysis that developers can code, test, revise, and test again to ensure that the final app functions as expected, without any vulnerabilities. When SAST is included as part of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Devlopment (CI/CD) pipeline, this is referred to as “Secure DevOps,” or “DevSecOps.” Securenass offers best of Class on Prem and Cloud SAST Solution, and Managed SAST by a team of security experts who continually refine their testing methodologies as the vulnerability landscape changes.
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