Configuration Assessment


Configuration Assessment

 When it comes to securing your network or device, industry standard benchmarks may not always be enough. It is time to embrace a more customized and scalable approach to Configuration Assessment.

 There could be a number of your assets that could be misconfigured, and they could easily pose a risk to your network. If there are mixed configurations present in your network or device, then it is extremely necessary to assess the possible risks in deploying such configurations.

Why Use Configuration Assessment ?

The following applications are covered :-

  • Increase efficiency, control and stability by improving tracking and visibility.
  • Reduction in cost by avoiding unnecessary duplication through detailed knowledge procuring.
  • Rapid detection of improper configurations and proactive correction provides enhanced and improved system reliability and better quality of service
  • Defines formal policies and enforces auditing, asset identification, and status monitoring procedures
  • Superior security and decreased risk

 Improperly configured IT assets put your organization at an increased risk for breaches. However, it’s common for organizations to rush systems into production with default settings and without basic hardening. Addressing these issues is key for data protection, regulatory compliance, and secure digital transformation initiatives.

 With Securenass Configuration assessment service you’ll be able to check that your IT assets — on premises, in clouds and on mobile endpoints — are configured securely according to CIS guidelines. This will give your organization a solid foundation not only for security but also for compliance with most regulations like HIPAA and with industry mandates like PCI-DSS.

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