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A secure web gateway offers protection against online security threats by enforcing company security policies and filtering malicious internet traffic in real-time. At a minimum, a secure web gateway offers URL filtering, application controls for web applications and the detection and filtering of malicious code. Data leak prevention features are also essential.

Real-Time Traffic Inspection
A secure web gateway inspects web traffic in real-time, analyzing content against corporate policies and ensuring any content that is inappropriate or which contravenes company policy is blocked. The majority of secure web gateway solutions allow administrators to enforce common security policy templates straight off the shelf and also configure policies that are suited to their business model or compliance requirements.

Protection for Off-Grid Workers
As workforces become more distributed, there is a need for security solutions to offer protection on an anywhere, anytime and any device basis. A secure web gateway allows roaming users to authenticate seamlessly and to have the same security policies applies to their devices as they would if they were in the office. The result is a protected connection no matter where they are working and total peace of mind that all internet traffic is secure.

Time and Content-Based Access
Whether you need to restrict access to the internet at specific times, or you wish to control access to particular web content, your secure web gateway can be configured to suit your acceptable use policy and compliance requirements. Individual users can be allocated time quotas or schedules that ensure maximum productivity or only permitted access to websites that are relevant to their job roles.

Data Leak Prevention
As its name suggests, data leak prevention stops your corporate data from being leaked to or stolen by a third party. From detecting common business terms such as payment card industry (PCI) number patterns and phrases or personally identifiable information, a web security gateway coupled with data leak prevention software can be a very robust line of defense from both internal and external threats.
Why is a Secure Web Gateway Important?
David is working on a plane. Emily is in the office. You're not quite sure where Bob is. However, you do know they are all working and that they are using the internet in some way, shape or form to perform their daily tasks.
As networks become more and more decentralized and more users connect directly to the web from any location and any device, it is essential to protect both your users, your network and the data that is being accessed. A secure web gateway (SWG) prevents users from accessing malicious website traffic on the internet and in the cloud that could infect their devices and compromise the internal network of your organization. It also ensures that users access the internet in compliance with your organization's regulation policies.
Internet-borne threats are growing in number and sophistication. Organizations must consider the very real risk to their data, reputation and bottom line and put the right security measures into place. A secure web gateway is essential in this process and will prevent your network and data from being compromised and help you to stay compliant with the regulations that affect your line of business and the data you hold.
Our Web Security offers real-time threat defense and best-in-class technology that protects against advanced threats and prevents loss of data. For organizations looking for 24/7 network and data protection that never compromises on productivity, our web security gateway solutions are the ideal solution.
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